Slide The City will launch in Hong Kong this August, one thousand feet of water slide will be right there for you.

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Slide The City will launch in Hong Kong this August, one thousand feet of water slide will be right there for you.

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Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

What should we do in such a scorching summer? Ah,Yes,Take your friends and relatives to enjoy time in City waterslide! Slide The City,that enjoys a great population in Euro and US, will be well built in Hong Kong from 22th August to 24th, August this year. The sponsor will make the giant water slide,1000 feet long, at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. A wonderful package of carnival performances, booth games, gourmet food court and DJ parties will let you have a great fun with water.

• The sponsor said, the 1000 feet long water slide will be split into three water lanes. Ticket prices will be classified into four types and range from RMB150 to RMB480 according to one-time play, three-times play, daytime unlimited play or night unlimited play. What’s more , morning ticket will be offered with the price between RMB120 and RMB420. During the performance you could get some souvenirs like oral cavity protectors, waterproof backpacks, ride on toys, etc. The opening time is from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The sponsor also pointed out, the use of “inflation Technique” serves to keep water on the lane sufficient. To propagate the message “Cherish food & water”, the event organization will donate part of its income to the charity A Drop Of Life . In addition, in today’s opening ceremony, the sponsor simulates a 50 feet mini water lane to let people watch in advance. Several beautiful models will slide by the mini water lane which represents the grant opening of this happy event.

Causeway Bay Station slide city Billboard

Slide The City Hong Kong representative, Jiajian Chen expected the three-day activity would offer 20,000 quota of people to access. Before the activity there would be 40,000 people to register in advance. Among 20000 entrance accesses,slide the city 10,000 of them will be left to those who made the reservation to draw lots. The one who get the lucky number can buy two tickets. In other words, there will be 5,000 people would own two tickets. The rest 10,000 tickets will be sold online in public on June 22th, first come first get. When buy the tickets, you need to provide your name, age, phone number, also sign the safety exceptions. “On that day, citizens can’t wear shoes, sharp clothes and objects to get in to keep the slide safe and hygienic.” Jiajian Chen mentioned.

slide mat

Jiajian Chen disclosed that, the event will put up 5-6 meters platform to keep participants dive into the slide. At the same time, they would install filters to make sure the water quality. US specialists and 300-400 safety staff will be invited to monitor the water quality, every 15-30 minutes and keep order. He typically taught us how to slide to the end smoothly. He said the participants need to run to the slide, and then press whole body on the ride on toys. Later the video clip will be presented to show the correct gestures of water-skiing .