What Is Slide The City?

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What Is Slide The City?

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Summer is here! Why not have a cool and refreshing one this year in your city?

Well, you might know SLIDE THE CITY, which is a hot attraction in America since July in 2014.

SLIDE THE CITY is a very long water slide, stretches out for almost a quarter of a mile-1000ft, it can be even longer. It is a horizontal water slide so long that streets have to be shut to fit it into any big urban center.

It makes the streets more than just being as streets. The streets with the long water slide on bring people much more fun. People enjoy themselves in the spraying cool water and the speed!

If you want to give your people a different summer in your city, come to find us! Chongqi inflatables can help you.

What we can supply for it?

  1. The long water slide, as long as you want.
  2. Material for it can be PLATO 0.55mm/0.6mm/0.9mm pvc tarpaulin.
  3. You can decide the design and colors you want.
  4. Inflatable tubes to ride on, with different designs.
  5. Special cushions.
  6. Blowers/pumps to inflate the water slide.
  7. Your own logo can be printed on the water slide.

Slide the City is like a giant Slip’N Slide, only it goes down a city street, is the length of three football fields and has foam padding underneath it instead of the grass in your parents’ front yard.